The Beautiful Me

Born during the 50's in the colored race,
with little brown freckles all over my face.
Because of the freckles, I didn't like me...
but the Word of God eventually set me free.

My freckles added unique beauty to my face,
for each one had its specific place...

The words of others cut like a knife...
so, I considered myself ugly, most of my life.

I soon learned that everything God made was beautiful,
and I was fearfully and wonderfully made.

God's thoughts of me outnumbered the sand pebbles on the sea,
and no, He didn't make a mistake you see.

Not only that, but I was the apple of His eye,
so never again would I ask God why.

I was more beautiful than the distinctive changes seasons bring...
more lovely than flowers that bloomed during the spring.

I was more mesmerizing than the leaves on any kind of tree...
absolutely beautiful just the way God made me!

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