The beauty and her beast

The hellhound walked through the woods,
nobody else around.
He left the fox under the willow tree,
she was sleeping peacefully.

The wind howled as he pranced on,
snowflakes following behind.

He had silver eyes,
what a strange surprise.
A hellhound as cold as ice,
his heart frozen in his chest.
Would it be silly to say the fox can spark it up?
she has a fire in her eyes.

A fire fox and an icy hellhound,
a girl who showed up in a storm and found true love.
Someone guide the hellhound back to his fox,
she clears his mind of all bad thoughts.

He stopped dead in his tracks,
the fiery little fox sat against the willow tree.
Their eyes met for a moment too long,
he froze in place.

She thinks it's a shame he's too afraid,
he wants to be brave.

Love takes time and they have alot to waste,
that's the thing about immortality.
A day could slip away and another will always come,
unless you touch a a unicorns tear.
Those beautiful creatures are meant to be feared,
venom runs through their veins.

The fox flicked her tail around,
his icy eyes were mesmerised by her beauty.
He wonders why she doesn't see him as a
demonic beast.

What a silly dog.

Soulmates are meant to be and meant to meet.

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