The Beauty and the Bull

Yes It’s true:
I’m the most beautiful bull
As outstanding as performing
like a Verb penetrating
The only one able
to clear your bad past up
by a single thrust

Now We walk down these streets
You’re the Beauty, I’m the Bull
But violence I did not use
to enter your territory into
I’ve been slowly working my way
through the little hours
until your heart burnt
and your feeling was on

Then I was asked to make love

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This Poems Story

A Greek myth tells that Zeus decided to seduce the girl Europa by transforming himself in a beautiful white bull; these stories often talk about unscrupulous gods who use violence to get what they want, including beautiful girls. But in this poem the bull is an "healing" animal, one of those that We can meet in our dreams; It doesn't scare us and, despite of its big tonnage, it turns out to be docile and can save our souls. So a beautiful girl will fall in love for him, and no violence has happened in those streets...