The Beauty in Color

A difference in individuality
In the presence of social reality
We all share common fears and common sanity
Some visions of human life always seem to flatter me
Red can paint the color of love versus the color of tragedy
The way that opposites attract can keep you level with common gravity
While the essence of nature can suit for times spent happily
Color can bring fullness to life even for those who live savagely
Such as the growth of plantation-bearing fruits
And different color roses of nature's majesty
Purple rain versus a gray sky isn't something that is sad to see
Green pastures and picnics may make a man get down on one knee
From father to son there are lessons to be learned so take heed
While relationships between mothers and daughters
Should unify and strengthen our breeds
A butterfly in the sky should let you know
That your day is going to be a breeze
Even if you feel blue with the oceans or as cold as the seven seas
Relationships bring mood swings thinking about the birds and the bees
Plus the fruits from the vines can alter moods when you drink
Sometimes it's good to play mind games
While not letting people know what you think
Though drowning in self pity and troubled emotions will make you sink

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