The Beauty of Life

The sun, the moon, the earth and the sky
Are all but wonders of this universe.
The grass is green, the sky is blue
A beauty for both me and you.

The trees stand tall and the creatures roam
A forest both an attraction, and a home.
The horses run wild among the free
Oh, such a beautiful sight to see.

Our pets at home bring incredible comfort
We have a companion during the good
times and the bad and even when
We are most very sad.

The sense of smell can bring us such joy
When you stop and smell a flower,
Or pass by a bakery and
smell the sweets.

So, I leave you with this
Will you take such joys for granted?
Or will you stop just letting the
Days pass by and take in life's beauty?

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This Poems Story

This poem represents life. We as people tend to get so busy doing things like going to work and school along with other things, that leaves us so caught up. We have absolutely no time to stop and enjoy life and the beauty that this world contains. A lot of people now a days like to start fighting or wars against each other. We as people, and all it takes is five minutes to stop what you're doing and look outside or even go outside and enjoy nature, enjoy the little things. We take things for granted and then wonder why we don't have anything. This world has so much to offer if we'd just stop and take a minute to see what it has to offer.