The Beauty

I need my twin flame, to befriend an old soul or Aspie.
Who's unique, aloof, intelligent, inside beautiful is thee.
Someone who gets it, someone more like me.
Society is boring 'cause it's normal I see.
And to try to fit in with the rest, I cannot simply.
Seems as if repetitively,
I end up ignored, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted honestly.
To be regular, I don't think I could ever be.
Even if I tried I just find myself out of place, unhappy.
I hurt alone, might drink, and pick fruit of the poisonous tree.
Anxiety builds when I'm afraid of the pain I feel won't ever free.
I may not be sane--nor insane still crazy, I'd rather be.
Beginning to realize the beauty in the ugly.
Even realize the ugly in the beauty.
Beginning to see the light in the dark or bad energy.
Even be the good in the bad energy.
Beginning to seek positive solutions in the negativity.
I know I'm special with potential so I believe in my ability.
Letting go of the old and the cold is easy
When opportunities galore with possibility.

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