The Beginning

A breakup.
A breakup decided by one.
Perhaps the decision was made by only one.
One party involved.
However looking at all that have been involved;
it was a mutual breakup, distancing....than an end.
Completely done.
It often feels as though they won.
They decided it all, or did they?
Even if I broke up with them, was it really my decision?
They seemingly won most of the time.
They conquered or did I?
They got all the favorite places.
They have the memories.
They have the images too.
The pain on this side of the breakup erased memories.
The break up...did happen. I know it did.
I'm not making it up. I was there.
They got the people; people you can’t see.
They went with them.
They got the power,
with that power -- blaming you..for the distance, the ending, the completion of the relationship.
They gave you the pain.
They made the decisions.
They looked for a chaotic ending.
"You leave, your problem"
But reflecting... I broke up with them.
I actually decided that it was the end.
The final chapter that started the new relationship.
The better memories.
The new places.
The enlightenment of me.
I did win.
I did break up with you.
I did the work and am the one with more.
I did way too much giving as you took and took.
I did this.
My involvement in this end was my doing, not yours.
It was me, me who left you.
Long nights.
Longs cries.
Days of brightness now.
I made it happen because this breakup had to be.
I broke up with them.
I broke up with you.
I have the strength and the pieces needed are staying.
I have the ability to move forward and find newness from the oldness that was left...
This relationship is not worth my time.
You are not worth my time.
They are not worth my time.
So now after this reflection,
I must apologize for my earlier choices;
Choices of words and Sorry you were broken up with a time ago.
I left.
You were left because it ended.
You were actually the one broken up with.
I won the new beginning.

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