The Beginning of the End

The leaf cries, slowly charring with a sicking tear
Smoke coats the field, blocking out the suns flair
The radiant heat devours everything in its path

It creeps up to the house like a cat
But it strikes like a match,
It fills your lungs, taking away your voice
Soon, Breathing will no longer be a choice

Left behind is ashes of the past
Lives never meant to last
Old love, Old truths, Old belief
All that's left is sorrow and grief

From the other side of the ash
There's a green splash
Breaking through is hope
The barren waste land will be barren no more

Life restarts and flourishes again
Hope is restored to the little field
The dead is the new foundation
They had all found short sweet salvation

The cycle repeats again
The beginning of the end is really just the beginning in the end

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