The Beginning to My Everything

The scars and tears from the battle field of your love
has left me torn,
In half, in pieces, in every and any way you can think of
But that hasn't stopped me
Forever I will fight,
Forever I will love,
Forever I will climb the highest of mountains,
Slay the dragons in my journey,
Fight the battles with my sword,
To find you,
I'm in need of you,just you,
I'm in need of love,
But not just any love,
In need of just yours,
To cure this sickness, this pain I feel every night,
The lonesome,
This curse,
To find the everlasting,ever powerful,
To find the beginning to my everything
You. . .
Days can pass by,
months can go on,
years that I can't turn back,
decades that I will search,
Search until I find the cure for this illness,
The sleepless nights, the toss and turns,
The sane to this insanity,
Simply you. . .

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