The “Best” Advice

We're all fragile on the inside, just some of us know how to wear our scars
When the night is young, you'll ask,
"Who will save us all?"
But the answer won't be found in the stars
Your dreams won't come alive at the switch of a hand
Maybe you're still too young to understand
But I've been where you are, and I know there's too much at stake
Too many decisions to make,
Too little effort to tolerate
But it'll be okay, just breathe in the smoke
Relax, and just let your soul fade away
Save that frown for your ten thousandth rainy day
Keep your trust close and lock it tight with a key
Do you think you can outwit misery?
No one is safe, believe me I know
once upon a time beneath a midsummer moonlight's glow...
but we won't get into that, at least not now
Just promise me you'll make it through somehow
Outlive the numbered days before stars and planets disappear
Never forget to remind yourself the reason why you're here
The best advice is always the least taken, so promise to hear me out
The truth about love is that there'll always be a give and take
You can give everything and get nothing in return
what's the best advice you'll ever learn?
Have no expectations from the very start or throw away the key to your heart
it's your choice

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