The Best Of Couple

In love's journey, clashes arise,
Where couples face tempests in their skies.
For in the realm of hearts entwined,
Disagreements may test the ties that bind.

Yet, true strength lies not in endless peace,
But in the battles fought with empathy's lease.
Good couples learn the art of strife,
With hearts that seek understanding and life.

They embrace the art of graceful combat,
Where words are wielded with kindness intact.
Listening ears and open hearts they bring,
To hear the melody beneath each quarrel's sting.

They understand the power of compromise,
And empathy that sees through each other's eyes.
In the heat of battle, they pause to reflect,
To mend the wounds and offer respect.

For good couples know the value profound,
Of treading Love's path on common ground.
They nurture love, both fierce and tender,
In fights, they grow, their bond to render.

So let us praise these couples rare,
Who learned to fight with utmost care.
For it is in the strife, they find their way,
To build a love that will forever stay.

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