The Best of Friends

By Natsu   

We used to play together a lot,
You could always find my hiding spot,
Whether within the bushes or atop the slide,
You could find me no matter how hard I tried,
On Sundays you, the crew and I,
Would get together to play a game called “Spy”,
And when the sky turned from blue to black,
We would bid farewell and we’d all go back.

And as the seasons changed again,
So did Tommy and Lisa and Glenn,
We all split up and went separate ways,
But you promised me, you were here to stay,
So we’d still hang out, in the park by the lake,
But now it was different, without Liam or Jake,
The park seemed big and quiet with just you, H
And our red-crayon initials were drawn over in blue.

Yet I grew up still, with just you at my side,
Until one day mum said “He’s not real!”, and I cried,
She told me to go out and make some new friends,
“Your turning 14! It’s about time this ends”,
So I ran from my house to the park by the lake,
And I prayed and I prayed that you were not fake,
I stayed out all night ‘till the sky turned to red,
And when nothing else happened I was filled with dread.

Now I’m 18, I graduate this year,
It is halfway through April, the end is near,
I saw our old friends, just a few months ago,
They’re all doing well, I thought you should know,
I got a partner, I made up with my mum,
And now that you’re gone she doesn’t think that I’m dumb,
But please don’t mistake we had many fun times,
And I don’t regret one of them, not even the crimes.

We used to play together a lot,
And I bet you can still find my hiding spot.

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This Poems Story

The poem is about a kid who only had one friend that stayed with him throughout his childhood, but the friend was imaginary. Then, years later the kid remembers his imaginary friend and decides to write him a letter, even though he knows that his friend is not real.