the best of me

Hi I know your name
we once was here
but I don't know why you came
you can't have the best of me
no not even the rest of me
I'm gonna give you
The best of me
Continue to fight with all my might
even though you don't realize
God has the final say over my life
I beat you once I have faith I can beat you twice
You taken so many
why take one's life
But as long as I have breath in me cancer
you will never have
The best of me
God rest in me and he continues to bless me
I pray for those
whom you have taken ahold
their families crying watching as there slowly dying
while time is steady flying
so many knows how this story goes
Cancer you have taken the best of me
now i go and rest in he
don't cry this isn't goodbye
I'm with my Lord
one day will say hello
you'll hear my voice as the wind blows
no longer suffers from cancer
it has taken the best of me
but remember the fight i fought with all my might
even though it got the best of me i leave with you my heart and love that
will forever be the best of me

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