The Best Of My Life

"I'm in Love with you're body, you're personality, and you're smile.
I'm in Love with the things that you do.
I'm in Love with the moments, the feelings and the cravings.
Babe I'm in Love with you."

The best moments of my life are your good mornings,
And waking up to your calls.
If I had a chance to visit the past again,
I swear I'd relive them all.
The best minutes of my life are spent holding you,
And watching the sun rise.
Knowing that those moments will last forever,
As long as I look into your eyes.
The best hours are the hours spent out with you,
The ones when you're always under my gaze.
When we're thinking of a hundred things we could do,
A thousand different ways.
The best days are the days when we first met,
The first time I ran my hands through your hair.
And all the eventful days and nights alone,
That led us up to here.
The last 365 days make up the best year of my life,
And I was hoping that you'd see.
That the best times of my life are the moments,
Shared by you and me.

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