The Betrayer

Why does everything fall apart?
Every time I find something devine
A creature steps in line
And takes what's mine
A sip so fine
Of the betrayers wine
Though I am not blind
I see the betrayer is YOU.

You whose poison kiss stopped my black heart.
Never to return from the depths I had gone.
You whose acidic whisper
Burned my inner soul to the core and rendered me paralyzed.
You who, in short ruined my life.
You were supposed to protect me.


I am half the man I once was.
And that man was half of a full body.
I crawl trying to find meaning
Reaching out for a light in the darkness.
I think I have found one
But you want the light extinguished
The light that gives me warmth
That takes me in and shelters me from the darks intent.

I weep for you
You ruined your life so badly you feel the need to ruin mine.
I am suffocating in your grasp
It is in your arms that I realize the ultimate questions resolution

You are me.

I am my betrayer

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