The Bicycle Seat

Close your eyes as you reminisce of a child
taking their first step into a light abyss;
one filled with profound myths.
As the door opened their eyes lit of gleam;
there stood the Bike. Yikes! Or, Yeah Right!
Despite what they feel, this will be Hell On Wheels.
So they climb on and take the seat, first thought this is neat.
You tell them where to position their feet,
now they're thinking it's not so neat.
You provide your ability to guide
as your child takes their first ride.
The bike sways from side to side
and wobbles as they glide into transition;
completing another mission.
The picture brightens when you release the seat;
now you are the one with the creeps.
Stealthily you stay behind thinking in your mind,
"God, Lord...Watch Out!" They fall and you are on call;
that's our duty after all.
So no matter the score days that passed away;
you are still holding that seat...

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