The Big Picture

Slowly the world heads to a depression
While right now it sets in a recession
The government doesn't know where to start
Slowly things are falling apart
Cops are losing their jobs
While little children are joining mobs!
Thousands of children in the street cry
While another thousand in the street die!
Slowly we are forced to follow what they say
As our rights they strip away
While we are forced to take an insurance plan "that can't be beat"
How I ask you does it help the children living on the street?
How does it help the family who can't put shoes on their feet?
How does is supply the hungry with food to eat?
I think our government is a little out of whack
Why do our children feel they must walk in a pack?
How is any of this helping our country recover ?
When so many of our own children don't even have a mother!
Something is wrong in this picture we face
So why do we just keep hanging another in its place?

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