The Big Turn Around

When it rains,
It pours
When one thing goes wrong,
Everything else goes with
An un-blossomed flower
So unlucky
A new environment becomes
New flowers blossom
Being stuck is only temporary
Every new step is an achievement
Water the grass to make the fields greener
A 360-degree turn around is more than possible
In this dark and scary World,
The human Spirit is the only light
The recovery of Life is actually favorable
The dying environment begs for Love
The house of cards falls down, down, down
The depths of destruction look too deep
Remember these facts though,
Dead flowers do not mean the end of the World
Try a new environment
God promised to never drown the World to death ever again
So when it rains,
As if there’s no hope at all left,
Change the perception of being completely unlucky
To being lucky enough to dance with the hands of Heaven

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