The Bite of Defense

of Defense
I bit you in the most sensitive place
The Bite of Defense
I bit you in the most sensitive place
And not just at the scruff
I won’t be rushed or in haste
Because this time you had me cuffed
To your world of unease and displeasure
So I bite like clawed acrylic nails
And listen with open arms
To the pounding pressure
That could condom you to hell
Now you feel the ache of abuse
Oh how my fangs do infuse
But let’s not forget your twisted desire
And your shove to bash my head
While the red pints of blood painted the room
And I was dragged to the bed
Forced yourself into my triangular fold
Loud screams that woke up the dead
Shivering out of fear and skin ice cold
Breathing intensely
Living here with you for 20 years
In the ruins of dismay
While you sit and drink your beers
Your odor kills my growing buds
And takes my gift of birth away
So I lay
To think, collect and vomit at you
Fangs in full defense
And this feeling of déjà vu

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