The Black Colored Man

I told my mama I wanted to be a police man.
She said be a kid and join your school band.
I told her one day I will run the nation with my right hand.
I'll give the Hawaiians back their precious land.
I'll preach on the African American stand.
They told me no, they would put my name on random files.
They'll discriminate me because of my style.
That I would be the only one standing on the wrong aisle.
My mama told me just be a kid and play with your friend Kyle.
I told her, I'm going to be an adult in a little while.
She said you are a kid. You can't do anything.
I told her I don't want to be a nothing.
I want to play hard, work hard and to be a something.
That I can lead others to build their own lion king.
Now you tell me, is it worth it living in the USA.
That they don't accept my opinion yet they accept gay.
They are ruining society with misconceptions and of accusations.
Then run away like a bunch of quiet and innocent coyotes.
I told my mama I will never hold a gun.
That the day I do it won't be fun.
That if I were to hold it, they'll accuse me of being a killer.
Yet they sell them and stock them like a water filter.
I am living in a society that I don't want to join in.
But even if I deny it, it's still happening.
See if I were preaching the truth they'd call me crazy,
Yet the USA would celebrate the birth of a man that's lazy.

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