The Black Rose

A single black seed was all that was left
From that horrible night a soul had theft
Buried in ashes when the seed was thrown free
When a burning family ceased to be
Watered by the tears of those that never knew
That a family so known could be blinked out of view
Bathing in the light of the hunters moon
Of the night that everything was taken too soon
days came and days went
Everyone wondered from whom the seed was sent
Yet still where the seed was from none could know
One day the seed was grown and a black rode was there
Petals so flawless all people did stare
Someone finally brave ventured near to see
Fourty-seven victims lay at his feet
The family they thought so pure fates hand they did meet
In all the chaos the black rose stood proud
Until a little girl said something aloud
On a single leaf was a bloody kiss
everyone stared to see what they did miss
Into the ashes stepped a figure in black
With everyone staring he pulled his hood back
As everyone gasped he plucked the rose
It was then seen who fate had chose
To show from the hand of the dead the souls they did miss
On that day it was fate that made them see
A single black rose with a single bloody sign
The cruelty noone knew could finally resign

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