The Black Soul

What is the color of the soul?
Though you see me in some shade of black
My soul is red
Red like anger
Red with sadness
Your soul is the color of your shame.
The color of your guilt.

I asked him the value of my soul
He answered, “A throw away vote”
Thirty-six bullets
And for a life he said, “Now you can feed your children”

It is said that Pharaoh hardened his heart.
He forgot his brother
He looked into Moses’ eyes and saw a slave - born to die
Was that the devil’s work?
The white man’s art?
Is genocide greatness?
I can’t change the arc,
Because I didn’t choose the story.

With his last breaths he cried for his mother.
Knowing twelve million dollars would never pay for what they stole
She sank to her knees tearless and broken
Your heart is hard
Your eyes forget what they see.
You cling to fear because it brings warmth to a cold soul
My sisters’ lives matter
My brothers’ lives matter
But if the devil can harden a heart
And the white man can paint murals with blood
Then our lives only matter to me.

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