Exploration that bred exploitation,
Bread of life from our hands snatched
Cunning and sugar-coated administration,
Maladministration they spit in our lands
In the name of colonisation resources depleted,
Cultures evaded, sculptures left behind,
The mission fully accomplished.

Black shipped into slavery,
A black sheep White considered Black,
Days were dark, Black had no Calvary,
Cruel is the rife sea side lining Black,
No more perennial rivers of welfare,
Motherland Africa, the best habitat,
All the reality is bitter warfare,
No more rest for your inhabitants,
Invented blood battle disunites brotherhood

Undeveloped continent you remain yet rich
Heavily pregnant you are with minerals,
Discarded down the drain, themselves they enrich,
All we experience is perennial funerals,
The mother of skills and innovation,
Wasted all in vain and pain and washed from the heads,
Africa the pioneer of civilisation
Confusion and competition bitterly instilled in hearts,

To the little white cat,
Belittle not the black cat,
The covered will be uncovered; it is not over till it is over
Unity we shall recover and empower,
Indistinguishable supremacy is on the verge
Vicious and Sharp edged it is like a knife edge
We shall not revenge, but unity convey to obey.

To the little black cat,
Hurt not humanity, peace act,
Chase not after wind, mind other faces though different races,
Bitter reality, actions leave traces,
Reject racism embrace and race human race.

Sons and daughters of the soil,
We shall not rot we are not alone,
In one accord we shall overcome the tall toil,
Black is a colour, white is a colour,
Red is our blood, same are we as one,
It shall rain peace as we reign supreme in unity parlour,
A big no to racism, we are one

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