the blackbird

Her life had turned into a bad thriller.
Even if she was safe now, the thrill wasn’t over her her.
She lacked confidence, but…she had the heart.
The darkness pained her like she had heartburn.
When he woke, she was gone.
The broken woman ran away from life again.
So afraid to start because of the end.
I will never get close to anyone is what she penned.
Her emotions couldn’t help but welcome people into her circle of harmony.
But in her opinion, it was only horrifying.
Such a beautiful soul lost in ugliness.
It’s a little something called the Devil’s confusion.
She second-guessed herself constantly.
It got worse from the chance of hands being around her neck with anything she said to say it bluntly.
That movie may be over now, but it still fucks with the survivor afterwards.
Already timid in behavior, she only sings in the dead of the night like a blackbird.
Her life turned into a sad movie.
She stood frozen in time not making a move.
Singing beautiful, the blackbird was still terrified.
The dead of those worst times tore her up inside.
Who am I, where did my life go, she screamed to God.
No reply, why is this happening to me she cried.
She wasn’t really listening.
In a random moment, she put her hand over her heart & felt it beating.
The emptiness came back to her with a heavenly choir.
It was saying to her please don’t cry my dear creation.
God was telling her please do not be afraid.
But the blackbird still sang in the dead of the night to fight her fears away.
She sang along with the heavenly choir of her heart praying that she’d love deeply again someday.

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