The Blackened Heart

As her day comes to an end and tear's
ripple's from her skin, memories of a stranger
in plain sight and a reflection of his sin,
Time loss and shame sets off her forgotten
pain, as her black heart harden's once again, a
skeletal, emotionless wreck,and body drained
the word's" I'm done" repeatedly plays over an
over her brain.
As she stands in a sea of lies, translucent flesh
in disguise, past it all, a blackened heart has been
revived as she looked into his lying eyes. a player's
play will be his ultimate demise.
Embracing every man's soul while decays
she goes about her promiscuous way's , recalling
all the empty promises far an near, wiping her final
She sit's and wait's for the next victim to come
into play, bittersweet as she raises her glass of wine
to taste, she gazes in the bloody pool, remembrance of
once fooled.
Ascending into her new direction an aroma of dead
roses for her collection, for that poor girl with tears running
down her skin will no more transcend, for this blackened
heart will not bleed red again....

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