The Blackness of our 2020 Year has hit a Low


The 2020 World we live in today, is now crazy as Hell
Socialists are killing God for world control,as well
They change World History to fit their Agenda, to sway
The Lemmings they brainwash, that Life will be okay

The Constitution is to be destroyed, and their Excuse,
that we don't need it to live, be happy and be loose
We need no guns or Police, just give Us Total Power
So we will get everything for All & Communism Flower

They complain about the Pandemic, Weather & Violence
So amusing is Our Results, to tell God No Interference
They are Corrupt & do everything for their own Benefit
They use us all, Illegal Aliens too, to get their Power

They take no accountibility & treat everyone as a Pest
Take as much as the want and say To Hell with the Rest
There is no Honor, nor Truth, no Patriotism, no Laws
They use Lies, Media Bias, Cheating & use Greedy Paws

No God, Our Fore Fathers now turn over in their Grave
If they ever get Total Control, the World we can't Save
We must fight back & Pray hard, to get Our USA back
"We The People" must work to End the Socialist Attack !

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