The Bleeding Dark

By Inklin   

Her shadow loiters the atmosphere.
The mystic bleed of pink blush enwraps her yellow aura where cloud rifts capture every supple movement.

Each hint of blue scatters
upward, expanding into her darkest layer of makeup while her golden lashes drip
She is eloquence, spilling clusters of deep pomegranate freely across high, circular cheek lines.

An opal eyelet reflects the orange upon a Summery horizon and the sea grey swathers below- far below - ready to tuck her in sheets of lilac when midnight finally arrives.

Me - I’m lost in the stardust - left by her glittery kiss.
She is the day and I’m the shadowy space supping up her hidden blues,
Like a puppet dances
beneath his master’s hands.

And I’d never strip away her hues allowing leaks
to bleed through into her beautiful, exquisite darkness.

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This Poems Story

An imaginative scene of the beauty in our deepest darkest atmosphere