The Blessing of God in the Life

God have blessed me to believe in the things,
as they are most important to me, and
the way I have chosen to live my life.
He has blessed me to believe that I can
accomplish anything through Christ, who strengthens me.

He has given me many talents and the wisdom to use them well.
He had blessed me with what it takes to overcome
obstacles and to grow from every experience life brings my way.

God has blessed me to believe that I will always be faithful
to friends and family and to the values that have
shaped my philosophy on life.
God has blessed me in my courage, compassion,
and strength of character.

God has blessed me in my ability to get along very
well with all personnel at school and I am good organizer
with proven ability in getting school assignments
accomplished on time and before time.

Jerry is the most wonderful person in the
world to talk with and laugh with, to work
and share and love. There is a lot inside
that I never can see and never know, but only
God sees the inside of my heart and he knows it is right.

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