The Blinking Curser

A dog barks at the night while I stare at my curser that is blinking.
Does he not know that I'm searching for meaning,
while my curser remains blinking.
What is he barking at, probably nothing, he has no curser
that remains blinking.
He's just barking to be barking, he has nothing to be heard,
what is he thinking.
If he is barking to be heard, would that be so absurd,
maybe he "is" thinking.
Is he letting us know that he is out there, that he is alive,
that he matters.
If so that would explain why he puts up such a clatter,
if in fact it matters.
Should I follow his lead and bark at the night, to let people
know I'm alive, that I matter.
Would that make a difference, would that show I matter, to make
such a clatter.
I know it sounds foolish, to act like a dog that barks at the night,
what was I thinking.

Hey look at that, my curser stopped blinking.

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