The Blood and the Razor

Why did you hurt yourself? I know your pain is real.
Open up your heart. It is my love you shall feel. I
see past those scars. Eyes of brown not clear.
The loss of their light, is what I most fear. Looking
at the hands that shake, face wet with tears. Skin
tore open, blood free flowing now. Life fades away.
My world torn apart.

Your time is not yet, the journey's not through. Ebbing
the flow, I see you through. Life returns your eyes, open
now. You see my face, the pain burning through. Wiping
away the tears, I kiss your cheek."I love you my child"
you hear me speak.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written for my daughter who suffers from depression and self harm. I wanted her to be able to know she is not alone. That no matter what I will never leave her. That I would see her through no matter what.