The Blood of Our Brothers

Hatred spilled
From the blood of our brothers
On the soil made from the land of the free
Where equality is not equal
For no one, not even ourselves
Blinding the youth with visions of hate
Only to see in black and white
Deafening the youth with noise
From people whose tongues drip with poison
Believing in hope for something
From what once was so vivid
Is now only known as the American Dream
Dreaming for a better tomorrow
Only to see the nightmare of yesterday
We protest, retaliate, scream, and yell
Only to add to the fire
Polluting the air we breathe
Making us choke on words of hate
We have made the past our present and future
When will we look around and not just see the colors of our skin
But see each person as an equal
When will we stop pointing fingers at each other
But be united as one, once and for all
We are fighting against each other
On the land of the home of the brave
The land that has been stained from the blood of our brothers

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