The Blossom of Love

After the mighty winds, showers, and storms,
That is when love for another, dies or transforms.
There are going to be times, where it rains, sleets, and snows,
It is after those times, the blossom of love either dies, or shows.
After the storm and the rains,
That is when love can make gains.
You and another will either make it through together,
Or your love will be broken and destroyed by the weather.
Your love for another, may be damaged and need repair,
But you decide if you want to go on alone, or as a pair.
True love, is more than just loving words you declare,
It is being there for each other, even in times that tear.
There are going to be times, where your love is put to the test
And times, where it is going to be pushed, pulled, and stressed.
There will be times, where you'll really have to invest
And deal with tough issues, that need to be addressed,
But if you can make your love last, through the challenges that loom,
The most sensational flower will eventually open up and bloom.

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