The Blue Silence

Silence so loud it echoes,
the emptiness so hollow and raw.
Shimmers from above ulminate long forgotten corals.
Empty whites and opaque greys,
fill the blue silence.

At one time there was noise,
the soft waves of fins passing greens, reds and pinks.
It was an explosion,
a catastrophic mess of colors.
The noise,
like a cup of water overflowing constantly
spilling out like silk sailing through the wind.

Silence came when the darkness did.
Tangled nets covered the sun engulfing the noise.
Colors stripped from their sea beds.
Fins ripped from their homes.
The noise sounded like hail falling from the sky.
And then there was silence.
Colors faded slowly,
and the noise fell away.
Dust covered the floor.
Greys and whites are seen
for miles.
That is all that can be seen,
in the blue silence.

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