The Body Is a Prison

It's been a long time since I've cried for you,
Because I haven't had the fear like I used to,
Until recently, when I saw it again,
The depression you had felt, way back then.
I guess it never does go away,
This psychological misery you live in day after day.
You're trapped in your mind, body and soul,
Always wondering why you just can't ever feel whole.
Depression has stolen the happy you;
The scary thing is, I know you feel it too.
Every day, you're fighting for a chance,
To get out of this hole that has put you in a trance.
If only it was a mood you could just pull out of,
Maybe then, you'd be able to feel the love.
But it doesn't matter what we say,
Because forever you feel like this is how you'll stay.
Every day you live with the feeling of being trapped,
Like your illness has you down, completely strapped.
Unable to untie the thing holding you down,
In life you feel as if you will drown.
The depression is strong and has taken control,
The boy I once knew, it definitely stole.
I fear to lose you just like back then,
But truth be told, it's only a matter of when.
The struggle is hard,
And it has left you scarred.
I only hope there's a way to keep you here,
Because you're someone who should never disappear.

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Writer by day and night, Chantal McCulligh's entire life thrives off of words! Having the opportunity to provide insight into another world is this lady's favourite thing about being a professional writer. With this poem, she hopes to decrease the negative connotation attached to mental illness, while also inspiring those suffering to keep their chins up and eyes open for brighter days! As Chantal often shares on her social media and blogs, life always gets better, and it's always worth living. Smile!