The Bogeyman – Haikus

The Bogeyman- Haikus That go Bump in the Night

Somehow, cotton sheets
Pulled tightly against the chin
Are stronger than steel

Wildly pounding heart
Threatening sounds from downstairs
Just windblown branches

Strangling a scream
Throat constricted in sheer fear
Can those be footsteps

Barely contained dread
The movie was all too real
Can it happen here

Terror grips the mind
Incapacitating will
Evil sacrifice

Anxiety rise
I, abruptly awakened
trying to make sense
of strange, bizarre perceptions
Am I still dreaming

Memories or dreams
Twisted, deformed and perverse
Don’t seem so unreal

Feelings of alarm
Quickly build into panic
Gut and mind churning
Sweating, swearing and choking
Damn pepperoni pizza

As children we knew
The monsters under the bed
Securely restrained
Held at bay during the day
Came creeping at night

Sweating with eyes wide
Horror, wretched and reeking
Skulks in the darkness

Misty consciousness
Slips into oblivion
Overwhelming fear

Lurking in shadow
Unspeakable deeds at hand
With cold, grim malice

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