The book of life

The book of life …

The bible is full of information, guidance and strength
To give you insight on our past and present events
Have you ever considered reading each page and meditate for the understanding
And imagine yourself in these days of life existing and all the handling

If you read with clear comprehension
And not to divert from what’s actually mentioned
We can relate to the diversity that occur
Because life at present seems to defer

Meaning what was done then is happen now
And we still question our Heavenly Father … but how?
The supernatural spirit that will always exist
Is filled with abundance of love … that we continue to miss

And we are not comprehending the love that he possess
We rather listen and feed on Satan’s mess
Our Lord traveled through life to give us total insight
And we still won’t comprehend his love and live life right

With the Holy spirit/bible and unchanging belief
We can renew our hearts with our Heavenly Father and get relief
If you ever desire to live your life right
Meditate, focus, without doubt in our Lord and read the needed words from the book of life

Sandra G. Rudolph-James

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