The border that separates us

What separates US, my love,
is but a thin border
with no deep rivers running across
or natural walls of naked stone.
There are no canyons or abysses,
no mountains and plains,
no wires and fences,
no holes and trenches
- it's all but shame.
The border that separates US, my love,
is but an imaginary line
traced by fool hands
moved by fear and prejudice.
A line so thin and so thick
made of papers and bureaucrats,
a line that splits the same world
in two alternative realities.
The border that separates US, my love,
demands blood in recognition
tears and submission
until the last drop.
Deeming my efforts
and all my achievements
I'm still proven unworthy
for I'm a barbarian speaking.
I'm just an alien,
and across the border that separates the US, my love,
there are customs
and immigration.

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