The Boy

A boy when he left you, will return a man. The battles he fought although he could barely stand. His eyes disbelieving the things they see. Men all around falling on bent knees. The blood of so many they have grown to love. He kept on pushing when push came to shove. The boy that left you forced to be grown. All the kindness you taught him turned to hatred full blown. The boy had to stand with weapon held high. The man inside him watching as so many died. A man forced by war to become a beast. The fear inside him he longs to release. He kills and keeps on moving. No time to slow down. He dont want to be another dead soilder lying upon the ground. The boy he left you to go fight a war. The man in him wondering what the fight is for. Then he remembers a mother kissing her son. Begging please come home when the battle is done. Boy I taught you the things I could. I know you will be the man you should. The boy in him cried and wipes the blood from his face. The man now stands taller taking the young boys place. So he stepped over the fallen and cried for the dead. When he wanted to give up he became a man instead.

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