The Boy

The bird sang tenderly to the boy among the stars,
Who dances with demons and steals kisses from jars.
But they don't see what's beneath,
Beneath the lies and beneath the sheets.
He is caged by the voices screaming in his head,
And still, the boy pleads
Pleads for mercy and pleads for freedom.
But still we are blind
And still we don't listen.
However, there comes a time
In the middle of the night when the demons go to sleep.
That's when the boy runs, runs, runs, runs
To the forest.
But he doesn't hide he dances with his fears
he dances with the trees
because he is alive and that's enough for him
yes he cries and yes he's in pain
but no he doesn't run away
no he doesn't fall to his knees without standing again
because you don't see
he is not alone
he was never alone
the bird always behind him
when he falls the bird lifts him again
"the demons will go away" he sang tenderly to the boy among stars.
"you just keep dancing".

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