The boy in red jacket

Bare chest
Underneath red jacket
So paperthin
Ribs showing
Through his bare skin
Wandering streets
Asking for little treats
Home to home
They refused him
Hurled abuses
He smiled and smiled
And went on his way
Knew they were all lies
He saw the truth
Right behind their eyes
Found no one generous enough
To give him some shade
On a day so rough
He went to the place
They all call home
All like him
Who wander and Rome
All day and night
Under the city light
All like him
With no love to take
No life to fake
No tommorow to dream off
No destinations to stop
Gathered in a room
All like him but one
"Put your hands forward,
Tell me what you have brought"
"I have nothing to give,
They don't trust me at all"
"Maybe they will,
When they see you dying
You little scoundrel, I know you are lying.
No food for you today
And you won't be sleeping inside."
Went outside the red jacket boy
Slept on the floor dying inside
He wanted to sleep to wake up
Never in his own but another world
Where dreams fly higher than destiny
And childhood better than a children's dream
But so unfortunate , he woke in the same
Went outside on his daily routine
Maybe someday they will know
That it's not his destiny
But that he is caged for eternity
To slave for his master who make money
When he is outside begging for every penny

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