The Boy in the Snow

Alone in the snow, there is boy
Who cries silent tears, wanting to recognized
His past falls from above
And the people start to run
No one cares enough to ask what's wrong
They all just walk by him, as if he isn't there
His tears freeze in the snow
His heart's getting colder
And his emotions start to die out
His mind's getting away from reality
The only one he loves stays away from him
He just wants to hear her say it will be alright
He sits and cries frozen tears
Letting the cold tears burn a scar down his face
There is boy alone in the snow
In a world where his friends seem to come and go
But never help when he needs
The boy sits and cries longer
As much as he can, and no one still cares
Sitting in the snow, the boy died with frozen tears down his face
That left the mark of being alone

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