The Boy Who Never Had a Life of His Own

Have you ever met the Boy who never had a life of his own?
Neither have I. He never fully passed driver's ed, because
He was cursed with a ringworm twice in high school, got
Ran over by a car left with a knot in his left leg, low GPA,
raised it up this year, but for fifteen years never had a job
After his first one, as a Grocery Store Clerk. He was a virgin,
Never had too many girlfriends, no female friends, so there
was nothing to talk about to his relatives, no friends
Either. His life was a sad story altogether. This is the
Boy Who Never Had a life of his own. He didn't have a car,
Girlfriend, job nor apartment, he died by his own hand, he
committed suicide at the local bridge, let the sharks eat him
alive, blood came gushing out of his body, his parts dismember
Like a set of broken toys, the boy was gone. Who cares about
Him, he never had a life, he never got a chance to meet any
Celebrities, nor see the rest of the world, He never knew what
It was like to live out on his own, make his own decisions, have
a Family of his own life, his overbearing "helicopter mother,"
controlled every aspect of his life, well her friends rather, one
of them named Maria, Maria decided for the boy he shouldn't
Take transportation to school and told his Grandmother, the
Grandmother agreed and relayed to the daughter and his mom,
His life was controlled every since, screw that doggone Maria,
for manipulating his choices and his life, in contribution to her,
The Boy Who Never Had a Life of His Own, was due to her,.
It was against the law for this boy to kiss a girl, even date one,
nor see how far things can go from there, maybe even marriage.
The Boy died living with his mother and tried to hang himself
on a Ceiling fan, but instead jumped off of a bridge and died.
The boy died in 2038 and his body never recovered until 2145,
he time traveled to 1980 and 1981, where he stopped his dastardly
uncle from connecting to wicked spirits through Quija Boards, he
shut down his uncle's operation with his friends and glued their hands
to the boards with sticky peanut butter and glued their butts to the
Floors, recording their every move, to his future grandmother, for her
to verbally discipline them for their actions, sent the friend home and
threatened to call his parents, then got on her son and offered to send
Him to Military school if he didn't stop connecting to wicked spirits.
The Boy Who Never Had a Life of His Own, may suddenly and finally
have a life of his own, why, you ask? Because h brought down his sneaky
uncle and his uncle's friend for good, the uncle is now on the west side,
covering himself up in a sweater hustling for pennies and a dime, due to
his actions; while the Boy Who Never Had a Life of his Own was married
with four kids, two sons and two daughters living in a Mansion in West
Newton, Massachusettes, and the rest of the family live not too far from
him, The Boy Who Never Had a Life of His Own, is content.
And The Boy Who Never had a Life of His Own's name is Dijon Mallard

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    This Poems Story

    The story represent a young man with loss and grief, obstacles thrown his way, his whole life, due to his uncle's actions; whether he was a kid or not, there were still wrong!, the boy imagined and hallucinated taking his own life or did he do it for real, is best left up to the readers to decide. Anyway, the boy had a very bad card dealt to him, no girlfriends, no car, jobs, no career, no house of his own or so the way the author is spinning the story. The boy's name is never revealed in the story ; until at the end ; his name is Dijon Mallard and Mallard is a young man who is purely fictional named after the afforementioned author.