The Boy’s Dream

Dream , it ignites a spark.
A spark in the mind , heart and soul.
The spark which gives the reason to live ,
But , what if this spark is snuffed out forcefully ?

A boy at a tender age , did not know what are dreams ,
Though , dreamt of being a popstar ,
But failed to express.
That failure turned out to be his biggest failure ever.
The boy's parents always said him to become a doctor.
But did they ever think of his dream ?
No , because they never cared.

The boy indirectly had two options.
He had to chose between his loved ones and his loved career.
He dishearteningly choose the first.

After years , the boy became a heart specialist.
But those parents ,who said him to become what he is today ,
Were no more in this world.
But , the boy lived with their sweet memories ,
And a guilt that he could not try to fulfill his dream,
which was bitter than those sweet memories.
He was a doctor but didn't know the cure to his guilt ,
His heart was still a child crying to fulfill the dream he built .

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