The Brave Heart

Brave Heart

Storms Come to tell their Story for it was sent from the hearts who stand in revenge the Mighty Winds do blow full of Anger and frustration

From each corner they rip and tear
Rains pour to drown away the pain
Some may say Its amazing hurricane

Trespasses against the soul.. Our hearts bare witness to its toil
Life's are at its deepest Loss through fear in sight

We aren't much different than the forces of Nature

The Secrets revealed we are one the same
all in one place the grounds tremble of life's death beneath the soil

Stars shake as the rumbling voices cry out to Salvation overcoming obstacles

Bracing life stories of old age the grave holds

The Brave in heart must never let go trials and tribulations within

Fear and anxiety attack on the other side of Grace

The door of our world is a book unwritten rules and regulations

Brave enough for you now God has manifested in the flesh

Troubles Seas toss time boats in the Night of sleep

Remember who I am for the lord shall rule over you and help in your hour you most need

The brave heart bleeds freedom of resolutions to be set ..

The Brave Heart Heavenly place gather together we can settle the storms of life

The Air we breath becomes our path to the spirit of man

Only if these life's forces could stand to ease the pain through Prayer

The brave heart bleeds upon a time when you have them all in order

Every tear is saved upon the day carried by The way Angels watching over these foes..

The Glory referes the Vengence to Come

The brave Heart is how it's Won
The Glory passes the blue skies darkness comes for only a night

Eclipses graced with the lyrics of Amazing Grace

Silence filled with the holyghost that's what brings us the joy of Morning

Enemies are the only who lives within
Manifestion that creates the storm

The brave in heart must never let go
Faith and trust of a Rainbow that gives hope

God uses the Force to take away Mans Pride... Baptising the same
As he was with Moses He shall be with us til the end

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Brave is the reward every heart longs