The Brave

The brave is not who you think.

He is not like the superman,

Who flies into battle with a cape

All evil to kill and ban.

Call those heroes what you want,

But they are not the brave

Because how can someone indestructible

Ever be afraid.

The brave are the people

Who have no powers to show;

Yet they stands before their enemy,

Him they overthrow.

The brave are the people

Who on dark nights shed tears,

Because they hid their pain.

They fight alone against the fears.

The brave are the people

Who when the pain bites deep

They turn it to good,

And happiness they reap.

The brave are the people

Who become a battle shield.

Take the bullet for another

Even if no gain they yield.

The brave are the people

Who all of themselves give

So that all the people in this world

A happy life may live.

They are the people

Whose names are never known,

But when they give their blood, their sweat, their love, their life,

True bravery is shown.

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