The Break-up Letter

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Sorry slim i gots to go it's only basic energy in your vicinity,
all the love is gone like your virginity but i didn't lose it all intentionally,
vigorously tried to hold on to what i had intend to be,
forever but this forever shit isn't as long as it pretends to be,
vintage me is truly a gem to see,
feels like I've been locked away for centuries,
Because in a lost relationship the vibes is like several Penitentiaries,
plus it doesn't make any sense to me,
to stay when to stay just doesn't seem what's meant to be,
and tho i care for you you just ain't the one that's meant for me,
but if you need me you can send for me,
just don't send for my heart because this is truly the end of "WE'

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Sometimes we love someone as much as we can and it's not enough ..we just don't work together and the worst thing we can do is ignore the signs and stay in a relationship longer than we should, it just makes the situation worse to drag it on knowing you don't want to this poem just plays out the whole thing from my point of view...enjoy