The Breaking

I thought you were something else,
Something new,
the key word there is thought,
Having your thoughts be wrong is the killer,
the poisoner,
Turns out you were the nose bleeds,
the wannabe's and the no goods.
Wasting my time just to get your way!
That's not how i play,
Going with the flow because that's how i was taught,
you playing with me because i let you,
Now it's time, time for me to stand up to you.
While you're on the ground,
it's now time for me to do what i want.
It was you that I wanted,
Me like the gum sticking to the bottom of a desk.
and you paying attention to your...
The rude things you did to make me mad,
trying to make me explode in madness.
Now without you I walk, Inside I'm screaming
Thinking that you were amazing, but i was wrong,
you were too,
thinking so highly of yourself,
when you did nothing good,
Now I'm saying goodbye.

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