The Bridges Were Built, My Dear, But It Seems You've Torn Them Down

My mind is a hurricane
ruining everything in my path
as i struggle to pick up
only the most specific of details

my mind is a flowing river
when im with you
giving me the chance to take what i need
im calm
my waves are no longer dangerous

my mind is a pool
allowing you to enter
and explore every inch of my brain
the deepest darkest parts
are yours to find.

when you left
my mind could no longer
interpret the combination
i guess the hurricane has ended
leaving a disaster

the flowing river
has formed a dam

the water in the deepest
has drained
and i get the sense of lonliness
empowering over me
i miss the sense of wetness
leaving impact
space being filled up
now being empty
even the worst feelings
can be the most comforting

i miss the sense of destruction
even in my mind
i miss the sense
of you.

-you are my water

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This Poems Story

To the one who was my everything. That decided to build a dam, stop my flow, and leave a drought they've made of my heart.