The Broken Girl

what did i do to deserve such a cruel life?
Was it because of my difficulty? Can you hear me?
I'm speaking softy you must not be listening.. Why?
just why? Can you look me in my dark brown eyes or
will you just slap me just for being here.
Why just why did you broke me?
Was I not good enough to be your child?
Was it because I was silence?
Was it because what was it ?
I never once ask to be here or cries for your attention...
Maybe it was you who needed help screaming for help,
So silence they just walk away like you were nothing but a playtoy..
You're broken but can be fix only time can heal those types of pain.
I know you're in pain.
I can hear your cry for help,
I can feel the pain
I am you I'm that broken girl

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