I thought love wasn't suppose to hurt.. I didn't know it can make you feel like dirt. Thought this was the happiest time when i said i do. All I ever wanted was to be was more closer to you. The way you use to touch me and make love to me too. Made this women feel like oh, this was all so true. Sad to say it just all went away... Oh, Just how I wish we could go back to them days. The poems and role playing that we use to do, only made me feel like I was your lil boo. Why is it that you can be quick to call me a b**** tell me I'm stupid bringing me down to the lowest compound. I thought I was your love is that the way that you treat your wife, cause you said I do to me for the rest of you life. You see life is so crazy you meet a girl and call her your baby, You kiss her love her and caress her make her go crazy. You be thinking everything is all gravy years go by things get a lil wavey, off and on on and off now calling her lazy. Than you say she ain't nothing to you all because you think you have nothing to loose. Does it make him man to thank he was better than than you, because he felt like you was messing up lil his groove. After he call you them names, and said all he thought you was, rather it was, whore, stupid slut, call you everything in the book, all because he wanted to tare you down, all because he wanted to beat you down to the ground to the lowest compound. women that go thru this be so quick to not make a sound and always looking down. Time to rise up my queen stand up now, mount yourself a up cause he was just a clown. Your a beautiful eagle now so get ready to soar fly fly so high like a beautiful butter fly that's getting read to explore the world!

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